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Prosthodontics is the specialized field of dentistry concerned with diagnosing, planning and executing restorative and cosmetic treatments.  Dentists who choose to specialize in prosthodontics must complete three or four more years of dedicated training following dental school.

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There are many reasons why a prosthodontist may be consulted, including (but not limited to):

  • Creation of partial or full sets of dentures.
  • Filling gaps created by one or more missing teeth.
  • Interest in dental implants.

At Makeover Dental, we believe that the cost of care should never prevent patients from seeking treatment. Our dental financing helps to ensure that our team are able to provide you with the finest and most comprehensive periodontal and implant treatments available today. Since every patient’s condition and treatment needs are unique, we will complete our examination and consultation before presenting a treatment plan and the fees for care. Naturally, the fees will vary considerably depending upon your condition, the complexity of your case and the length of treatment. Our philosophy is to treat you as conservatively as possible to attain your treatment goals.

Our staff is highly skilled at determining and maximizing your insurance benefits. However, the cost of necessary treatment is ultimately the patient’s personal responsibility. Our business staff will make every effort to make your treatment financially manageable in order to provide you with exceptional patient care.

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